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    Date of Birth: ABN (If you're not sure, you can search for it at xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx): Are you registered for GST? We can’t lodge your BAS without GST registration. We need to register GST for you first and then lodge GST for you. We will discuss GST activation date over the phone with you and then activate your GST.
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    • Download your Monthly Tax Summaries from your online account and upload them here
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    • DiDi drivers, we need your Tax Summary, not the Tax Invoice or Tax Statement
    • If you didn't drive in a given month you don't have to upload a file.
    • If you drive for a different rideshare company please email us either monthly or quarterly summaries. Please don't send weekly or individual trip statements.
    • If you have trouble uploading your summaries you can email them to us instead at

    Did you earn any other business, contracting or sole-trader income on your ABN this quarter, or any other rideshare income not uploaded above?

    Other Income:  Please advise the nature of your Other Income and provide us with any further notes you think are relevant.

     Your Rideshare Expenses

    Car Expenses

    Do you have a 12-week Logbook?   For your BAS, if you haven't kept a logbook, the ATO allows you to estimate your percentage of business use so that we know how much of your car running costs to claim. You can make this estimate using any reasonable method, such as by referencing kilometre records from Uber, odometer readings or service records. Note that the rules are different for your end of year tax. If you want to claim your car expenses on your end of year tax return you MUST keep a logbook. Otherwise you'll be restricted to the cents per kilometre method which gives you a maximum deduction of $3,600.

    What is your Logbook Percentage?*

    Fuel* (Enter ALL your Fuel for the quarter, i.e. Business + Private fuel):

    Insurance & CTP/Greenslip* (Only enter premiums you actually paid for during this quarter. Do not enter amounts paid earlier in the year.):

    Registration* (If your registration includes CTP, enter the CTP part in the Insurance box above. Only include amounts paid in this quarter.):

    Repairs & Maintenance* (E.g. servicing, parts, tyres (new or second hand) etc):

    Cleaning* (See FAQ's at the top of the page for notes about claiming carwashes with no receipts):

    Accessories & Other* (E.g. floor mats, car seat covers, dash cams etc ):

    Hire, Rental & Lease Fees*:

    Remember, a loan is different from a lease.

    A loan is where you are the legal owner of the car, and you borrowed money to pay for it. Loan repayments do not have GST so are not included in your BAS, so don't include them here. We will claim the interest on your loan on your end of year tax return as long as you have kept a 12-week logbook.

    A lease is where a lease company is the legal owner of the car, and you pay them a lease fee to use it. Lease payments do have GST so you can include them here, but do not include salary-packed lease payments. Remember you must have a 12-week logbook if you wish to claim your lease payments on your end of year tax return.

    If you are unsure please make a note in the comments section and email your loan/lease documents to after submitting your BAS so that we can check for you.

    Did you purchase a new vehicle this quarter?

    Make & Model: Purchase Price Purchase Date Purchase Method  

    Did you sell a vehicle this quarter?

    Was this vehicle used for rideshare/business? Make & Model: Sale Price Sale Date

    Other Expenses

    Accountancy (Only include fees paid during last quarter. Don't include the fees for this Express BAS you're doing now.):

    Bank Fees:

    Computer Expenses:

    Course & Training:

    Equipment (Vacuum cleaners, child seats, first aid kits etc):

    Home Internet Expense (Don't include mobile internet, only home internet. Enter the three-month total, not the monthly amount.):

    What percentage of your internet use is for Uber?  (Just an estimate is fine, most drivers claim 5%-10%):

    Licenses, Medicals & Driving Permits that have GST in the price (Some licences, permits and government fees have GST and some don't, please check your tax invoice.):

    Licenses, Medicals & Driving Permits that have GST in the price (Licenses, Medicals & Driving Permits that do not have GST):

    Mobile Phone Bills (Enter the total of all of your phone bills for the quarter (i.e. three month total)):

    Mobile Phone Purchase & Accessories:

    What percentage of your phone use is for Uber? (See FAQ's at the top of the page for help working this out):

    Music Subscription Fees:


    Rider Supplies - Water:

    Rider Supplies - Mints & Others:

    Sanitation, Hygiene & Masks:

    Stationery & Office Expenses:

    Sunglass (If these are partly for rideshare and partly private, please only enter the Uber portion. Note you cannot claim non-sunglasses/prescription glasses, only sun protection is deductible.):


    You have two choices for how to enter tolls:

    Option 1)   Claim the amount on your rideshare summaries: Your rideshare monthly summaries include all your tolls while carrying passengers, but they do not include any tolls that you paid for when travelling in between trips or on your way to pick up a passenger.  If you did not have any of these 'in between' tolls (or only a few that aren't worth adding up), leave this question blank and we will automatically claim the amount of Tolls that your rideshare companies have listed on your monthly summaries. This is the easiest option.

    Option 2)   Enter your total manually: If you want to also claim for tolls while in between trips, please enter here your total tolls on trips + tolls between trips, but excluding private trips. The easiest way is to look at your bank statements and add up the amount you paid for the quarter, and then multiply this by the percentage that you estimate your tolls are for rideshare.